The Packaging Act establishes all general requirements for packaging and the use of packaging, measures for the prevention and reduction of packaging and packaging waste, the organization of the packaging and packaging waste recovery system, requirements for auditing data submitted to the packaging register and liability requirements for non-compliance.

In this article we highlight the main and most important points from the Act.

Who have to keep consistent records on the weight of packaging?

A packaging producer, an importer or exporter of empty packaging, a packaging undertaking who places packaged goods on the market, a person who exports packaged goods and a packaging waste handler are obliged to keep consistent records on the weight of packaging material by the types of packaging – § 24. (1)

When do we have to carry out a packaging audit?

A packaging undertaking who submits data to the packaging register pursuant to § 24 of this Act and places on the market packaged goods with a weight of packaging of more than twenty tonnes per year and a recovery organisation organise the audit of the data to be submitted to the packaging register as a limited assurance engagement within the meaning of the Auditors Activities Act. – § 24`1. (3)

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